Ahmed Maiteeq: The Discipline Of The Military Establishment In Libya’s East Is Credited Hiftar


The former Vice President of the Presidential Council, Ahmed Maiteeq, regarding the state’s discipline within the military institution in the eastern region, said: “There is a strong and disciplined military institution in the east, thanks to General Khalifa Hiftar.”
In statements to Channel 218, Maiteeq said that the political crisis in the country is much deeper than the Presidential Council and the current government, stressing that legitimacy must be restored to the Libyan people.
He expected that the upcoming elections would witness wide participation of the Libyan people, which would contribute to stability. Regarding the movements of the so-called State Council that obstruct the upcoming elections, Maiteeq said that he does not see a State Council, but rather sees Khaled Al-Mashri. He added that the political dialogue forum must approve the parliamentary and presidential elections and that all members of the dialogue committee are considered representatives of Ahmed Maiteeq.

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