Brotherhood’s analyst: Turkey was stabbed in the back from the western region


The control imposed by Turkey on the western region is’t enough from the point of view of Brotherhood’s researcher Faraj Dardour, who is always presented by Brotherhood channels as a political analyst. He said that Turkey received a stab in the back by the western region in Libya, pointing out that Egyptian and French intelligence It succeeded in undermining the Turkish presence in the Libyan West.

Dardour, who lives in turkey, said that by Facebook
“The truth is French and Egyptian intelligence were able to create a rift in the western region, by infiltrating some people from Masrata “.

Also he added that ” they were able to save Haftar and Aqeelah from the consequences of their defeat in Tripoli, and this intelligence was able to enable the defeated to win politically by singling them out by issuing detailed laws on them, using the seal of the House of Representatives, and imposing these laws on the western region despite their inability to enter it” .

Dardour added, “The French ambassador is running the electoral commission behind the scenes with the knowledge of the Americans and
Turkey no longer has any political impact and left the scene to Egypt, France and America, because of the stab in the back that it was subjected to from the western region that led to the division, and thus Egypt singled out the scene in Libya,
The State of Sisi controls Libya east and west and summons whomever it wants to its lands and directly overseers the laws of Aqila Saleh.

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