Al-Abani: The Stability Of Libya Depends On The Military Unification And The Mercenaries Withdrawal


Mohamed Al-Abani, the Libyan House of Representatives member, stated that Libya’s stability is contingent on the unification of the military, the dismantling of armed militias, and the departure of mercenaries from the country.

He commended the efforts of Foreign Minister Njala Al-Munqosh, stressing that the success of the political process required the implementation of the provisions of the conventions signed under the supervision of my nation.

In a tweet, he expressed: “Berlin 2 prompts me to praise the distinguished efforts of Mrs. Al-Munqosh, which makes me stress that stability in Libya is no exception to the concept of stability.

He added: “The presence of foreign military forces and mercenaries on the ground does not make stability because they will hinder the army in its military operations against terrorism and the protection of the State’s borders, and airspace.”

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