Al-Mahjoub: Dbaiba’s Mercenaries Description As A Dagger Is The Same Armed Forces’ Vision


    Major General Khalid Al-Mahjoub, Director of the Guidance Department of the Libyan Armed Forces, said that the description used by the head of the Government of National Unity, Abdel Hamid Al-Dbaiba, of foreign mercenaries as a dagger in Libya’s back, was full as the mission of the armed forces against them.

    In television statements to Al Arabiya, he added that the Libyan army’s mission was clear which is to establish national sovereignty, to prevent foreign interference, to eliminate terrorism, and to secure the country and its wealth.

    General Al-Mahjoub drew attention to the fact that the task of the new Government was specific and clear, stressing that those tasks require hard work.

    Also, there are many economic solutions for young people who are involved in armed groups.

    It was pointed out that the defense ministry portfolio is to emerge and unify the Libyan military institutions by the new authority.

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