Al-Mahjoub Reveals Arrest Details Of ISIS In Ubari


Major General Khalid Al-Mahjoub, Director of the Legal Direction Department of the Libyan National Army, revealed details of the arrest of a group of ISIS in the Ubari city of south of Libya.
In a post on his Facebook account, Al-Mahjoub said: “The Operations Force of the Libyan National Armed Forces carried out many raids against terrorist den in Ubari in the south. Also,  they detonated a warehouse that was designed to supply ammunition to members of ISIS and Al Qaeda to attack civilians and to attempt reorganizing themselves again in Libya.”
Al-Mahjoub added, “A terrorist den was raided three months ago in the south. Particularly, seven terrorist members were arrested and a logistics support site was captured.”
He continued: “thus, we will continue raging strikes on terrorist groups and struggling against terrorism until the end.’’

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