Al-Sharif: Be Brave And Judge The Criminal Al-Kikali


Legal researcher and political activist Faisal Al-Sharif called on the trial of Ghaniwa Al-Kikli, head of the so-called Stability Support Apparatus, for his crimes, especially after the murder of the young man, Muhammad Bayala.

 Al-Sharif said on his Facebook account: “On Mother’s Day, Bayala’s mother parties her son. The man who has been killed by Ghaniwa without guilt.

He added, “Do not talk about the crimes of one side only. However, be brave and talk about the injustice and aggressive crimes of Al-Kikali and every criminal who sheds the blood of the Libyans. Do not remain silent on the crimes until they reach your loved ones. The crime remains a crime whoever committed it and whoever the victim. May God be the greatest reward for Bayala’s family. I advise you to head the door of international justice because our justice is too weak to judge the criminals.”

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