Al-Sharif Writes ‘’This Is How The Brotherhood Plans To Attack The Libyan Army’’


Through an objective observation based on evidence of the political scene in Libya since October “2020” at the time of the complete ceasefire until the day of establishing a unified Libyan government for the first time in ten years as well, I noticed several points that must be clarified to the Libyan citizens.  

This brief is to educate the Libyans about their future. So, they do not to be deceived in the next phase. In my point of view, the scene now is deceptive. As the international conspiracy has not ended yet. It reshapes forms and changes plan to establish the agenda. The evidence for this is the suspicious silence of the Brotherhood and its supporters in the Libyan inside and outside the arrangements for the current political scene. I consider this as one of the episodes of conspiracy to destroy the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, from the scene, and to undermine all the patriots who have been excluded over the past decade and even put them in prison. 

The international community, the Brotherhood members, and the militia leaders are fully aware that there is a new conspiracy with fewer chapters and more influence. Therefore, I will mention several points that took place in the past stage with many contradictions and behaviors revealing the falsity of political and media statements. 

1- Accelerating the pace of the political process by the UN mission and the international community through the uniqueness of Stephanie Williams, the former UN envoy who selected the 75th Committee, as well selected a list that served the directions of the United Nations and the international community. 

2- The new Government of National Unity granted confidence by the House of Representatives forcefully. They gained confidence that was not based on a law or a constitution.

Also, the UN-imposed a scenario ‘’if the House of Representatives fails, the granting of confidence would be by 75th Committee.’’ Thus, the constitution and the law are a formal matter in the traditions of the United Nations and the international community. Noteworthy to mention that the illegal Government of the National Accord governed Libya for five years even though The House of Representatives refused to grant the confidence. 

3- They launched a strong media discourse at an international level published that the new government is the one that will help Libya to be stable. Therefore, they have succeeded to impose the ideas. 

4- GNU named the ministerial portfolios and vacating them from the position of Minister of Defense. Consequently, the prime minister retained the portfolio until the preparation for the exclusion of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces from the scene. This is going to be accomplished through Plan B, which was drawn up to dismantle the army and undermine the popular support for it, after the success of Plan (A) through some of the instigators and advocates of sedition in Libya. The proof of what I mentioned is that the Prime Minister has not met with Field Marshal Khalifa Hiftar yet. In addition to the furious campaigns that want to create public opinion supporting the new government and opposing the National Army. Despite the report of Experts on Libya with the Libyan army that broadly condemned the militia leaders, Fayez Al-Sarraj, Turkey, and Erdogan. 

5- Dbaiba government inaugurated its work by praising the Turkish role in Libya. The interview with ‘’Anadolu’’ was inconsistent with the ideas and orientations of the patriots in Libya who realize that Turkey is an occupier and that Erdogan’s pursuit of Libya’s wealth.  

6- Dabaiba’s visit to Cairo was necessary to enhance the relations with Egypt that had a positive influence on the Libyan scene. 

7- The new government granted the green light to the Brotherhood and its supporters to undermine the military establishment in Libya through its media trumpets, discord channels. As well, its elements’ movements exist in some areas to strike the social fabric. 

8- Brotherhood leaders attempt to split the ranks of the Libyan tribes with the promise of dissidents of political, social, and economic advantages in the future. 

All in all, I will stop here, hoping to complete the rest of the conspiracy chapters in the next article.


The Essay is in ‘’Al-Mawqef Al-Liby’’ Magazine (The Hard Copy)

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