Al-Suwayhili Admits Blocking The Elections Next December


Abdirahman Al-Suwayhili, a member of the Political Dialogue Forum and a member of the so-called State Advisory Council, acknowledged his position in the upcoming elections. Consequently, he fears that some national figures would be positioned for the presidency. In this regard, a national figure will be contrary to what the Brotherhood planned.

He and some of those who rejected the holding of the presidential election by direct secret ballot have been accused. While In response, he said that ‘’he is consistent to his position.’’

In a speech at the second meeting of the Political Dialogue Forum, he said, “If my position is to be met with threats of sanctions and described as obstruction and a coup d’état on the road, I am entitled to obstruction and destruction.”

The pro-militia brother’s member claimed that Libyans would not accept the candidacy of General Khalifa Hiftar or Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. He spread misleading information.

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