Al-Taqbali ‘’Dbaiba Snatched The Defense Ministry For Himself, And There’s No Agreement Between The President And The Government’’


Dr. Ali Al-Taqbali, a member of the Committee on Defence and National Security in the House of Representatives, stated that the head of government, Abdul Hamid Dbaiba, had Snatched the position of Minister of Defence for himself at the time of the formation of the government. Furthermore, he stressed that there was no harmony between the Presidential Council and the government of Dbaiba (GNA) from the beginning.

In statements to the Arab newspaper, he added that the Presidential Council wanted to resolve the dilemma of the Minister of Defence, while Dbaiba did not.

He stressed that if the Head of the Government of National Unity did not come to the meeting and the understanding on the defense portfolio, the Council would appoint a Minister of Defence. This clearly will reflect the lack of harmony between the parties to the executive soon.

As well, militia elements who controlled Tripoli

have been appointed as ministers and protectors.

Precisely, “the problem lies in the international community, which talks about elections and the united Government without examining the real causes of the Libyan crisis, which is mainly the militias’ domination,” he said.

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