Ali Ouhida: Holding Elections With Militias Will Turn Libya Into A New Afghanistan


    The Libyan journalist in Brussels, Ali Ouhida, said that any electoral benefits in Libya could not take place under the presence of terrorist militias, loyal to foreign agenda, or supporters.

    He tweeted: “The Libyan militias are all involved and follow whether external or extremist agendas. Thus, the organization of any electoral entitlement within their massive control will lead the country to a new Afghanistan. Do not deceive yourselves.”

    In a second tweet, he said: “There is no other purpose for foreign parties than the continued flow of oil and the debilitating of the State. Other than that is a lie.”

    He continued: in my opinion, I call on disarm and disband the militias before any political process begins. Maybe I’m not right, maybe an extremist opinion to them. However, the unification of the military institutions allows the Libyan national army to secure elections or credible political action.”

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