Amgheib: Morocco’s Meetings Are A Conspiracy To Postpone Or Cancel Elections

Member of Parliament, Said Amgheib, describes the meetings to be held In the State of Morocco, soon, as a conspiracy between members of the House of Representatives and others of the so-called Council of State, stressing that they intended to postpone or cancel the upcoming elections.
In a Facebook post, the parliamentarian said: “In a very short way, what happens in Morocco is a conspiracy intended to postpone or cancel the elections.”
He added that the President’s Election Law was issued by Parliament in an official session after voting on it and it was received by the Electoral Commission. Also, he stressed that no one has the right to return it to Parliament to amend or change it. The Libyan people ‘’parties, elites and individuals’’ must rally around the law to elect the president. Furthermore,

he asked the Electoral Commission to announce the next practical steps if they want elections next December.


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