Anti-Smuggling Authority Seizes Turkish Arms At Misurata Port

AAC News – Follow-up

The Turkish control on Libyan national security, especially through the allied to the Brotherhood militias in the city of Misurata, tried to enter a large number of weapons that were hidden inside women’s clothes. However, the anti-smuggling and anti-narcotics members at the port of Misurata were able to seize a large Turkish arms shipment today, Wednesday.

Turkish weapons were hidden in a container of women’s clothes, and smugglers intended to hand them over to unknown persons inside Libya.

According to the “Turkish Affairs” website, a suspicious garment container was kept inside Warehouse No. 10 in the seaport of Misurata, in the presence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The examination found that it contained 2,000 firearms. Consequently, a detailed report of the incident was prepared and transmitted to the competent authorities.

In this regard, according to the site, 2,000 Turkish 9mm handguns from the Turkish company SurArms were hidden in a container of women’s clothing boxes to be smuggled into Libya through the port of Misurata. 

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