Aqila Saleh Reveals The Withdrawing Confidence Reason From The Government And Comments On Tripoli Demonstrations


Counselor Aqila Saleh, Speaker of Parliament revealed The reason for withdrawing confidence from The Government Of National Unity, stressing that the reason is the curtailment of its work abroad, in addition to its failure to provide the services required of it. Saleh stated in his statements yesterday that Parliament was afraid that it would sign long-term contracts, which might raise debts to the Libyan state in the future.

He explained that withdrawing confidence from the government will not affect its provision of services to the citizen, adding that it is mainly a caretaker government and its duties are service, and it can abide by what it pledged, according to him. Commenting on the citizens’ coming out to demand the abolition of Parliament, Saleh said that citizens have the right to demonstrate, express their opinion, and make their voice heard to those concerned


Aqila made it clear that the parliamentary law will be issued in the next session or after it, noting that if the parliamentary elections law is not issued, the commission must work with the previous law (Law 10 of 2014). Aqila said, “We do not want to exclude anyone. Whoever sees that he is popular as his candidacy for the presidency or parliament, can apply according to the law issued in this regard. The election date is approaching, and it is not possible to tolerate any obstruction in the issuance of laws on the pretext of consultation


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