Beit Al-Mal: The Repositioning Orders In The Army Commander-In-Chief’s Decision Are Unclear


In a new attempt to block the implementation of the terms of the ceasefire agreement, Ibrahim Beit Al-Mal, Order of the Sirte Al – Jafra Operations Room, claimed that the orders of the Presidential Council as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces regarding the repositioning of the army were unclear.

In statements to Libya Al-Ahrar Channel, he added that if all conditions meet, they will carry out orders to open the coastal route.

Terrorist militias require a large amount of money to be paid in exchange for allowing the coastal route to be opened.

In his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Armed Forces, the Presidential Council addressed the Sirte Al – Jafra Situation Room Order to prepare for the opening of the coastal road.

In a resolution issued on Wednesday, the Council ordered the Sirte Al – Jafra Chamber to repositioning to begin opening the coastal road.

It confirmed that the road openings would be coordinated with the Joint Military Force and the Security Arrangements Committee of the Committee 5+5.

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