Former Finance Minister: Monetary Policies Must Be Unified Between Ministries

AAC News – Follow-up

The former Finance Minister, Morajea Ghaith, announced during statements published by the Ministry of Finance Media Office; both finance ministries between the Interim Government and the National Unity Government have not yet been united, despite the unification of the rest of the ministries.

Ghaith attributed the reason for the lack of unification, to the lack of inclusion of employees from the ministry in the plan of the interim government ministry, who used to occupy the positions of directors of departments and others. He indicated that monetary and financial policies must be unified between ministries, before unifying the structure of the ministry.

Also, he stressed the need to establish a bureau for the ministry in the east like the rest of the ministries; To ensure the rights of workers.

Ghaith continued, during his statements, that the process of unifying the Ministry of Finance is a difficult step in terms of systems and information. In this regard, he explained that the Joint Financial Committee has completed its work after granting confidence to the Government of National Unity, which took over the task of completing the preparation of the unified budget.


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