GNU Faces A New Obstruction By The State Council


The Council of Libya State demands ‘’the political agreement must be included in the constitutional declaration firstly.’’

As soon as the sights began to turn towards Sirte. Today, more than 100 Libyan House Representatives arrived in the city. Despite the progress toward granting confidence to the new government, The GNA brotherhood members began to obstacle the Libyan political path again. Shortly, they fear losing the authority that had become threatened.

In this regard, the so-called Consultative Council of State had praised the strong steps being taken towards the harmonization of the House of Representatives. However, it called on including the political agreement in the constitutional declaration firstly.

A statement by the Council confirmed that it hoped the priorities would be set in a way that leads to building the legitimacy of the future executive powers. Subsequently, the House of Representatives can include the political road map that was agreed upon firstly at the Political Constitutional Declaration Forum. Then, HoR can grant confidence to the new government.

That was a response to the map itself and based on article 12 in the political agreement. 

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