Italy Confirms Its Military Support For Libya

The Italian Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guerrini, said that his country’s authorities intended to further strengthen their military-technical cooperation with the Libyan Ministry of Defence under the agreement signed between the two countries last December.

A statement by the Minister of Defence on its meeting with his German counterpart, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, stated that Italy focuses in particular on key areas of military cooperation, rehabilitation, and training. as well it ensures its support for humanitarian demining activities, according to the Italian news agency ‘’AKI.’’

Both sides described the operation of Libya stabilization as “very important” and European Operation Irene to monitor the arms embargo as “the practical manifestation of the European Union’s commitment to the country.”

Also, the Ministers expressed their satisfaction at the selection of the new Government of National Unity of Libya, headed by Abdul Hamid Al-Dbaiba.

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