Kubis: Any Elections Obstruction Is Unacceptable, Even If It Relies On A Logical Reason


The United Nations envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, said that any obstruction of the elections on schedule next December was unacceptable.

“Any action or decision under any excuse, or on even the most logical arguments, would impede or undermine the political transition, create obstacles and obstacles to the holding of elections on 24 December, is unacceptable and will be evaluated by the Libyan people and the international community,” he added during an opening speech at the forum of LPDF today.

Kubis stated that Security Council resolutions had confirmed the ultimate responsibility and accountability of Libyan institutions, authorities, and individuals to create the necessary conditions for national presidential and parliamentary elections.

This was during a speech at the meeting of the Political Dialogue Forum held this afternoon through the Virtual meetings, in the presence of representatives of the United Nations Mission and members of the Forum.

The session discussed the legal and constitutional framework for the upcoming elections in the light of disagreement over the mechanisms for electing the President of the country, whether by direct ballot or through The House Of Representatives.

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