Kubis’s Secret Meeting Details With Turkey About Mercenaries


Media reports today revealed an undisclosed meeting between the United Nations Envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, and Turkish officials during the first visit to Ankara. He was informed that Turkey commits to the Act of the withdrawal of Syrian fighters from Libya.

According to the information, Turkish officials pledged to Kubis to withdraw the mercenaries, stressing that the presence of these fighters was based on understandings between the Government of National Accord and Ankara and some pro-Turkish Syrian armed forces.

It was reported that Ankara had withdrawn more than 80% of mercenaries’ number in Libya. Also, it arranged to move the rest in succession.

Furthermore, Turkey officials explained to the United Nations Envoy that the presence of Turkish security personnel and trainers in military bases is legal under the agreement acts with the Government of National Accord. Consequently, the new Head of Government, Abdel Hamid Al Dbaiba, confirmed his commitment to respect the maritime and security agreements, according to the source.

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