Libya is Not as Bad as the Media Projects



Pakistan Ambassador-designate to Libya Rashad Javed stated that

Pakistani businessmen and exporters must prepare for enormous investment in the Libya market at an estimated cost of $100 billion


During his visit to the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI), Javed presented a comprehensive documentary on Libya


He added that after the civil war, there will be an elected government in Libya on 24, Dec. 2021

“They will certainly usher the country into a new era of peace and reconstruction as its basic infrastructure is in tatters,” he said

“Out of the $100 billion reconstruction package, $40 billion has been earmarked for the battered health sector.”


He mentioned that Libya Libya imports more than 70% of all commodities for its domestic use and Pakistan could accomplish these needs, including cereals and textile products in addition to exporting its human resource


During Gaddafi’s tenure, 150,000 Pakistanis worked in Libya and even now. Thus, Islamabad can export its skilled workers to enhance its foreign remittances


He considers that after elections on December 24, 2021, financiers from all over the world will rush to set up business enterprises in Libya

He stressed that Libya is not as bad as the media projects. Therefore, he urges Pakistani investors and exporters to establish links with the Libyan business community


He asserted that “Pakistani exporters should establish their enterprises to promote ‘Made in Pakistan’ products in Libya and adjoining African countries”

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