Libyan Olive Oil Achieves An Advanced Level In The Berlin Competition

AAC News – Follow-up

Two Libyan companies achieved second and third ranks in the Berlin International Olive Oil Competition, which was held between 12 and 18 April. The results were finally announced.

Gharyan Municipal Council praised the two companies that represented the city in the competition. As they participated in a high-quality product from Gharyan olive trees, according to a statement on its Facebook page, today (Thursday).

The council said that it worked with the agricultural sector in the city to prepare and implement a project to double the number of olive trees in Gharyan, to raise awareness of this investment, and to achieve high economic feasibility from it. Thus, if the plan succeeds, it will exceed the total public income of the city. In addition, this will help to send many projects and jobs related to olive and oil production. 

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