Militia Killed Two Young Men In Salah Al-Din And Tarhuna

Exclusive – AAC NEWS

In west Libya, systematic extrajudicial executions were adopted by terrorist and ideological militias. In this regard, anyone who disagreed with them or expressed objection to the actions of some members of these outlaw gangs was killed.

Hours earlier, the citizen Ali Al-Basha was killed by Al-Rada’a militia in Salah Al-Din area. 

According to private sources, his body is still in the Al-Rahma House in The Medical Hospital.

Al-Basha was killed in a militia attack on Salah al-Din district in Tripoli.

 The same thing happened with the 21-year-old young Abdullah Bazin, who was assassinated by the terrorist militia in Tarhuna, near the Quwaiyqiah Gate, after shooting at him. The militia gunmen used a Chevrolet car.

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