Militia Leaders Meet In Tripoli


 This morning (Monday), the Libyan capital of Tripoli witnessed an extensive security meeting attended by leaders of the illegal Government of National Accord terrorist militias, according to the report by the Italian agency ‘’Nova.’’
 The Agency said the meeting followed the hours of security tension in Tripoli following the assassination attempt of Fathi Bachaga, the Interior Minister of GNA.

 Furthermore, a member of the Marsa battalion led by the terrorist Salah Badi, Mohamed Ramadan said that the meeting brought together the leaders of the armed groups, most notably those of Zintan armed groups, namely, Imad Abu Darbala, Abd al-Mullah Al-Hamali, and Mukhtar al-Akhdar, and Mohamed Al Hosan from Misurata city, of the “166th Battalion” who is, was close to the Interior Minister of GNA.

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