Political Analyst: Dabaiba Has No Right To Conclude Agreements With Turkey


Political analyst Ali Shuaib said that the head of The National Unity Government, Abd al-Hamid Dbaiba, has no right to conclude any agreements with Turkey or other countries, as it is a temporary government that came for a specific mission. 

“All Libyans agree that Dbaiba has the right to travel to Turkey one day before the beginning of the month of Ramadan, and to visit the sweets and nuts exhibitions,” Shuaib affirmed in a Facebook post. 

He continued; Dbaiba is constitutionally not entitled to conclude any agreements with Turkey because his government is temporary, and its mission is to prepare for the December elections. 

It should be noted that the spokesman for the National Unity Government, Muhammad Hammouda, had revealed that the agreements signed by the government with Turkey included the fields of energy, reconstruction and information, in addition to benefiting from Turkish expertise in various fields

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