Political Analyst Warns: War Looms If Elections Fail


Al-Mahdi Abdel-Ati, a Libyan political analyst, warned of the possibility of a war in the country again if the political road map fails. Also, the elections will not be on the scheduled date of 24 December 2021.

Abdel-Ati said that the House of Representatives and the so-called Council of State had benefited from the conflict situation over the past years because if elections were held, their respective roles would end.

Abdel-Ati added that the deputies and the State were responsible for the worsening of the Libyan crisis, stressing that those councils were the beneficiaries of the current state of chaos.

From his point of view, the direct election of the head of State will not be in the interest of some parties with forces on the ground. When they reach an agreement within the political dialogue committee with free voting, new leaders will prepare for the war.

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