Rubio Pledges To Punish The Libyan Democratic Hiders


Republican U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has pledged to punish those who impede the democratic transition in Libya. He confirms that he has recently joined Democratic senators who have announced their adoption of a law punishing the responsible for the chaos in Libya.

He confirmed that he would join his colleagues, “Chris Coons, Republican Lindsey Graham, and Chris Murphy,” in efforts to reintroduce Libya’s stabilization law.

According to press reports, the new law seeks to strengthen United States policy in support of a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Libya, noting that by law those who commit human rights violations, support foreign military intervention or threaten peace, security, and stability in Libya will be punished.

Moreover, Senator Marco Rubio has been proud to re-join Senator Coons in reintroducing this important law, which seeks to strengthen United States policy towards Libya to support a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict.

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