Syria Fighters in Libya Wage Fury


SOHR: Flights meant to return Syrian mercenaries are being canceled

According to The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the second batch of Syrian mercenaries that intended to be carried out of Libya was canceled.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) stated that mercenaries meant to be departing Libya as specified the ceasefire agreement signed in Libya are merely being replaced by other fighters on the ground.

the SOHR also added that the cancellation flight meant to take back a batch of 140 Syrian mercenaries from Libya waged fury among the fighters who were supposed to return to Syria.

This is the second cancellation in two weeks.

The departure of foreign forces from Libya has been a matter of international and regional interest, with a call from most governments to abide by the ceasefire agreement.

The deadline for the departure of foreign forces has come and gone and no moves have been observed on the ground by the troops to depart Libya.

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