The Cabinet Office Head Was Kidnapped In Tripoli


The head of the Cabinet Office was kidnapped in Tripoli

  Informed sources said that the head of the Cabinet Office in the eastern region, Reda Freitas, had lost contact with him since yesterday while he was in the capital, Tripoli.
 The sources confirmed that Fritis was kidnapped by masked men in the Al-Dhahra region of the capital, but his fate is not yet known.
 Information indicates that the head of the Cabinet Office, Reda Freitas, has disappeared in the city of Tripoli since 6 pm, after leaving the office of Deputy Government Hussain Al-Qatrani at the Government Office.
 The western region suffers from the escalation of security chaos and the spread of outlaw armed militias, from which even government officials and senior statesmen have not been spared.

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