The Foreign Exchange Rates Against The Libyan Dinar

Follow-up – AAC News 

The exchange rates of foreign and Arab currencies, gold, silver, checks and household heads’ cards against the Libyan dinar were recorded in the parallel market today (Wednesday), during the latest price update of the following values: 

US dollar – Tripoli: 5.12 dinars and 5.125 dinars,

US dollar – Zliten 5.125 dinars

US dollar – Benghazi 5.205 dinars

Transfers from Dubai – Turkey – 5.12 ~ 5.11 dinars

Euro = 6.09 dinars

The pound sterling 7.10 dinars

The Turkish lira is 0.62 dinars

The Tunisian dinar is 1.87 dinars

The Egyptian pound is 0.33 dinars

The Jordanian dinar is 7.15 dinars


18-carat gold: 215 dinars

Silver: 2.4 dinars.

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