The Most Notable Achievements of AL-Sirraj in Libya


Pashti sarcastically: These are the three most notable achievements of Al-Sirraj.

The Political analyst Abd Al-Khayr Al-Bashti criticized the recent talks in the illegal places of the Government of National Accord about the achievements it had made to the people in the last days.

He said that the President of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord had presented 3 achievements to the Libyan citizens.

“One of the most remarkable achievements of Mr. Al-Siraj is that he is the reason for three crises,” Pashti said in a post on Facebook.

The three crises had been “blackouts, liquidity shortages, and petrol shortages.”

“We do not want Mr. Al-Dabiba to put things back as they were,” he continued, referring to his aspirations for Abdel Hamid Al-Dabiba, the head of the new Government, to fix the things that Sarraj has ruined.

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