The Plan to Evacuate Libya from Mercenaries


The 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee seeks intensively to evacuate Libya from mercenaries and contacts all interested parties.

 ‘’the mercenaries file will not be neglected, pledging that the committee is going to withdraw them from Libya anyway. The departure of foreign fighters from the homeland is an unavoidable requirement.’’ Stated that Brigadier General, Al-Fitouri Gribel, a member of the 5 + 5 Military Committee.

 In a statement, Gribel said that “the committee is in contact with countries that have mercenaries in Libya. Concerning this issue, As soon as possible a delegation is going to pay a visit to the countries that have mercenaries in Libya and to officially demand to leave them immediately.” 

Gribel also specified that ‘’the committee conversed with the new executive authority of the Government of National Unity, and assured them the full support of the committee, especially in mercenaries case and foreign fighters, stipulated in the ceasefire agreement of October 2020.’’

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