The Truth Behind Washington’s Demands To Marshal Hiftar

AAC News – Follow-Up

The American Embassy in Libya denied the tweet, which was published in its name and attributed to Ambassador Richard Norland. The tweet included a demand to withdraw Marshal Khalifa Hiftar from the Libyan political scene.

The embassy described the tweet as an “example of misinformation.”

In a tweet via its official Twitter account, the US Embassy reported that this misinformation, “monitored among Libyan users,” was sent in the form of a photo rather than a link without including the US Embassy Twitter account. It stated that “this tweet does not exist.”

The United States Embassy noted that “some people tried to deceive them via the Internet,” asking their followers to “always check the primary sources and verify the information before they participate.”

In an attempt to discredit the Libyan army and spread false information to create further discord and disagreement, the brotherhood pages posted a misleading tweet according to the American ambassador “calling on Marshal Khalifa Hiftar to withdraw from the political scene.”

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