”Umm Al-Ezz Al-Farsi ”Opponents Of The Elections Showed Their Truth After The Live Interruption


Umm Al-Ezz Al-Farsi, a member of the Political Dialogue Forum, criticized the performance of some members of the Forum, asserting that some of them had shown their truth after the live interruption. 

In a post on Facebook, she said: “Remarks of the first day of the Political Dialogue Forum Geneva 28/6 to 1/7. As a matter of principle, when the session was moved, there was an upbeat and optimistic speech and a consensus on direct and simultaneous 24 December parliamentary and presidential elections. “

She added: “When the live was stopped, The people of the interest group started speaking of fear, war, and division if the situation does not continue. A strange logic shows the exclusion of the idea of the peaceful circulation of power and clear threats that elections are the imminent threat to Libya.”

She continued: “We may pass the constitutional rule, and we may once accept concessions to achieve stability for our people by renewing the legitimacy of elected bodies. However, we remind the protagonists and jumpers that, without February’s tolerance, they would not be here.’’

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