Washington Begins Reopening Its Embassy In Tripoli


In a news report broadcast yesterday, NBC America said President Joe Biden’s administration was working to resolve the security crisis in Libya, leading up to the return of the US Embassy to work in Tripoli after the closure for seven years.

According to diplomats, the channel said: “The Biden administration has deployed a team in Libya to work on cumbersome logistical measures to reopen the embassy. This came following the visit of a high-level United States diplomat to Tripoli last week.

The report drew attention to the political risks of the Biden administration’s thinking about reopening the embassy, where United States officials are aware of the partisan controversy that erupted in Washington after the attack on the United States diplomatic mission in the city of Benghazi in 2012, leading to the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens. 

It is considered to mention, as a result of this accident, House Republicans have launched six investigations into how the Obama administration handled the incident.

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