We Do Not Receive Dogs And Libyans


By: Osman Younis

Over the past weeks, the company ‘’MERÇ GLOBAL RECRUITMENT SERVICES LTD’’ which is one of the Turkish companies in Libya. It announced initiating the power stations project in Libya. Despite the disastrous situation that Libyans have been experiencing for almost 10 years because of the frequent blackouts of electricity, the resulting poor living conditions, the reduction of production, and the urgent need to resolve this worsening crisis, It is illogical to build a lot of power stations without substantive integrated economic studies before funding the massive budgets. Consequently, it is going to be put in the future in the same place as its predecessors, and it is going to stop and scrape. Thus, we will lose the Libyan public funds like they were thrown into the sea. 

This requires only political will to make the right decision to stop the waste of public funds, and implement it without taking into account the power centers and the influence of the gangs.

We need the development and modernization of the Electricity sector’s management and technical system.

However, despite the importance of what has already been mentioned, through this article we do not aim to highlight the waste and thefts that take place under the pretext of creating new electrical projects, the looting that takes place under the umbrella of addressing the worsening electricity crisis, from this article, we aim to highlight that the issue is about the prestige of the State and its remaining respect in the eyes of the people because it must provide an environment conducive to their livelihood and the future of their children, through laws and legislation governing employment within the State, and use its foreign contracts to provide maximum benefit to the citizen through the requirement of employment.

Thereupon, the mentioned company above advertised jobs and allowed all nationalities in the country to apply except the Libyans! This marginalization reminds me of the paintings that topped some of the main streets in Tripoli and were placed on theatres, resorts, hotels, centers, and tourist beaches during the Italian settlement colonization of Libya. It has been written that We Do Not Receive Dogs And Libyans!

Has colonialism returned to deprive us even of our power within our country? And are we so humiliated that we have been satisfied with this disdain and with this condescension of a company? Within rules of law, it was supposed to be the priority of filling jobs with the project that we are implementing in our country for Libyans before others. Has the February revolution achieved what the Italians have not been able to achieve so that we are already dog-level?

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