Erdogan Contradicts Himself


Despite the reality of Erdogan’s support to the Muslim Brotherhood group in Libya and in many places, the group that destroys Islam perspectives and values, he says that The Western World is hesitant to take measures against the growing threat of Islamophobia.’’

If the west should take a procedure, it must be against Erdogan’s regime policy. As it provides an untrue image of Islam to the world.
He contradicts himself.

Erdoğan addresses a delegation of the Union of International Democrats (UID) stating that “Attacks on Muslims’ sacred values are being persistently disregarded under the pretext of freedom of thought. Projects like European Islam, French Islam, and Austrian Islam are being used simultaneously to pressure Muslims,” said, 

“These projects, introduced under the cover of a fight against extremism, are aimed at cutting off European Muslims’ ties with their homelands and the Islamic ummah,” Erdoğan said.

He emphasized that none of the “attacks targeting Turkey are coincidental” and that those who couldn’t subdue Turkey in Libya, Syria, the Aegean, the eastern Mediterranean, and most recently in Nagorno-Karabakh are now working to “sabotage Turkey through asymmetrical methods and baseless allegations and accusations.”

“This is one of the reasons behind the animosity against Turks and Muslims which has become more visible in Europe with the outbreak of COVID-19. We receive almost on daily basis news of the people who face attacks or see their rights usurped just because they are Turks and Muslims,” Erdoğan said.

Besides Muslims, other communities with different ethnicities, colors, and faiths are also adversely affected by Neo-Nazi terror, he added.

Particularly acts that target mosques, workplaces, foundations, and schools, etc. have reached incredible levels, Erdoğan said.

Turkey is considered one of the countries that supports terrorism and extermist fighters in Libyan and in other places. These acts definitely will affect Islam in the eyes of Europeans.

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