Saudi Golf Amb. Snatches The AIG Women’s Open Championship


Saudi Golf Ambassador Anna Nordqvist’s Aramco Tag Team Championships Series succeeded in snatching her third major title after being crowned the EJ Open Championship, which concluded yesterday on a field on Carnoustie in Scotland.

This comes when it was officially announced that Nordqvist had been selected to participate in the European team for the Solheim Cup.

Nordqvist finished the competition with 276 strikeouts (12 against the average), achieving their best results on the third day of the competition after successfully reaching all holes by 65 strokes (7 against the average).

Furthermore, Nordqvist shared the lead with her teammate Danny Madison on the last day of the competition by nine strokes each before Saudi Golf Ambassador took the lead and snatched the title. Although she was late on the 12th hole after she reached it at an above rate, she managed to reach the 14th hole.

The two players then continued to excite the crowd through a raging competition, reaching the 16 and 17 digs at average, giving them a 12-stroke tie, with Nordqvist eventually reaching the final critical hole at average and snatching the title.

Anna Nordqvist is the second Swedish female golf player to represent Saudi Arabia as an ambassador after her colleague, Camelia Linarth in 2020.

She played the game in 2008 and got 11 titles, eight on the American Ladies’ Golf Tour and three on the European Tour.

Her fifth appearance at the 2009 U.S. Maryland State Championships was to give her her first career title and her first major championships in her athletic career. 

Since then Nordqvist has continued her career in the ladies’ golf world as one of the most distinguished female players until 2017 when she snatched the Evian Championship title to mark her second grand slam before last night’s EJ Open.

As part of her role as an international ambassador for Saudi Golf, Nordqvist works to achieve the company’s goals of introducing Saudi Arabia as an exceptional destination for golf. She also helps to enhance Saudi Golf’s access to its role in supporting the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 approach aimed at developing the sports environment and increasing its practitioners’ knowledge of golf and motivating them to play it.

Nordqvist was also selected last month as the ambassador for the Aramco Tag Team Championships Series. “I feel proud to take on such a role in the Aramco Tag Team Championships Series, especially as the tournament has clearly succeeded in bringing more excitement and enthusiasm to the European Tour, which will bring golf ladies to new levels.”

Nordqvist continued: “The support that these players find from Saudi Aramco and Golf is undoubtedly extraordinary. It is what ladies’ golf competitions need. Such support helps us to offer this sport to more audience. It also gives amateur golfers the opportunity to engage with professional women players and to learn more about competitions, thereby increasing my pride in playing an active role as an ambassador of the Aramco Championships Series.

The Saudi Golf Company was founded to encourage participation in golf in Saudi Arabia by providing world-class facilities, committing excellence in competition management, and bringing in best practices through a partnership with industry leaders from around the world.

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