EU Requests The Producing Countries To Export Corona Vaccines

AAC News – Follow-up

The European Commission called on the United States and other major producers of anti-virus vaccines to export their vaccines.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in the margins of the European summit, yesterday (Friday): “We must be open to this discussion. “To go into this discussion, we must look at it from a 360-degree angle, because we need vaccines for the whole world.”

She added that the European Union is the only body that exports vaccines on a large scale, explaining that about 50% of the vaccines produced are exported to 90 countries, including through the “Kovax” mechanism of the World Health Organization.

She appealed to all concerned parties to enter into a dialogue on granting exemptions from intellectual property rights for the export of vaccines, stressing the need to increase production and raise trade barriers to export Coronavirus vaccines.

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