France Is About To Withdraw From EU

French journalist Laurent Irbel warned in an article to the local magazine ‘’Le Figaro’’ of France’s possible withdrawal from the European Union 
In his article, the journalist said that the Corona pandemic had shown how much industry and the economy fields in the European Union had declined. Thus, he blamed the leadership of the Union for such reasons.
The United States had allocated approximately $5 trillion to help the national economy, while in Europe funding had reached about € 300 billion.
The European Union was called upon to reduce spending on medicines and medical salaries to increase competitiveness.
“Negotiations in the European Union show results so slowly. Therefore, most European countries have started to buy Russian and Chinese vaccines,” Irbel continued.
Although, Britain withdrawal from the European Union, it had a great achievement in its strategy to combat the coronavirus compared to the Union.
“The European Union is just a bureaucratic structure that paralyzes and never serves our interests,” he said.
Also, he called on the beginning of France’s exit from the European Union.

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