NATO Sec. Gen. ‘’Our Relationship With Russia At The Lowest Level. China Is A Challenge To Us’’


NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the relationship between NATO and Russia is at its lowest level since the end of the cold war.

During a press conference before NATO leaders’ meeting in Brussels, Stoltenberg added: “We are convinced to address our relationship with Russia. Thus, leaders will affirm the principle of defense with dialogue.’’ He explained that “our relationship is now at the lowest point since the cold war.”

He also explained that the Alliance would continue its dialogue with Russia. This procedure “is not weakness but strength.” Also, he welcomed the forthcoming meeting between US Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

On the other hand, regarding China, Stoltenberg pointed out that China was not an enemy of NATO, but a challenge to which member States must respond in a unified manner.

The two Presidents are scheduled to meet in the Swiss capital, Geneva on June 16, at La Grange Villa, to discuss Russian-American relations, strategic stability, as well as the fight against the Corona epidemic and the settlement of regional disputes (Donbas and Ukraine).

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