Turkey Warns US About Sanctions On Missiles


Ankara warned today (Monday), Washington, regarding the U.S. sanctions against Turkey for purchasing Russian S400 missile defense systems.

The Turkish President’s spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, said: “If another country comes to us with an extremist position and announces that it wants to impose its terms in its way or there is no solution, that position will lead Ankara to find other alternatives.”

The spokesman for the Turkish president added to ‘’Bloomberg Agence’’ that Turkey could gain Russian S400 systems without violating NATO’s air defense system. this problem must be resolved through a constructive dialogue with Washington.

He pointed out that Washington should take seriously Ankara’s position towards the Russian “S400” defense systems.

He explained that the decision to acquire them was not random.

Accordingly, Washington demanded the cancellation of the deal, to buy US PATRIOT instead. US threatened to delay or even cancel the sale of F-35 fighters to Turkey, as well as to impose sanctions under the KATSA Act.

In response to the US, Turkey has been refused to make any concessions and is not interested in American statements in this regard.

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