Turkish Parliamentarian: “Brotherhood Representatives” Ignore Our Poor Conditions


The Turkish deputy of the Republican People’s Party (RPP), Ali Maher Basharayr, launched a sharp attack on the Justice and Development Party (JDP) deputies – the political arm of the Brotherhood of Turkey – for ignoring the poor living conditions of the Turkish citizens, and for their constant flattery with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

During a party bloc meeting in the Turkish Parliament, Thursday, Basharayr said, “Citizens are buying oil for their homes in teacups, and you are flirting with the presidential palace.”

According to Turkey Now, Ali Maher Basharayr added, “The citizen says I’m hungry and miserable, you should put your faces in mud be when you go out on streets. Look at the desperate people and the people who have committed suicide. Citizens buy oil for their homes in teacups, and you don’t shy away from the presidential palace.”

Basharayr explained that citizens were in very bad conditions, while AKP deputies objected to Basharayr’s speech and said: “Don’t cry.” While he replied: “What does it mean not to cry? I’m gonna cry for these people. And I’m not gonna sit on my hands.”

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